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July 3, 2019

Our unsung Patriot hero today is William Dawes who, like Paul Revere, rode through villages and towns from Boston to Lexington and Concord during the same evening of April 18, 1775 (known as the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere).   These men rode to alert many communities that, “The British enemy are Coming.”   A map of the routes taken by each man is shown below. What is unknown is why 41-year old Paul Revere became famous and 30-year old William Dawes did not. Revere was arrested shortly after his ride ended. Dawes escaped to Lexington and a third rider, Dr. Samuel Prescott escaped to Concord. (Dr. Prescott met Revere and Dawes at Lexington.) The National Park Service map is shown here:

Perhaps the answer is found in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, “Paul Revere’s Ride” when he, in the first stanza, wrote, “Hardly a man is now alive who remembers that famous day or year.”

It’s been reported that Paul Revere was a father of 16 children and William Dawes was a father to seven children. Perhaps this information was important to Poet Longfellow. Eighty-five years after the Midnight Ride, Longfellow used his imagination and literary flair as he wrote his poem in 1860. It was published in the January 1861 edition of The Atlantic Monthly.

Trying to locate more information about Paul Revere last evening, I located a timeline of his noteworthy military accomplishments.   One year after his Midnight Ride he was commissioned a Major of Infantry in the Massachusetts militia. It’s no wonder a Sons of Liberty patriot, Paul Revere, was revered by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.    Enjoy your Holiday tomorrow as you Choose Who You Want to be Know As.

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Paul Revere Timeline

Valentine Day Week Thoughts…



Culture-Word-CloudfromBING100214Originally published on 02-10-13………

Valentine Week Thoughts. . .

After a lengthy meeting, we

Listen to comments from our Team,

Eager to put everything into perspective.

Now another opportunity presented itself

To try a different approach.

It’s what we wanted. Yet,

Now that it’s an agreed plan by all,

Everyone wants another meeting in an hour to
confirm the plan in writing.

Decisions are made daily.

And we learn to trust ourselves and others. . .

You too may learn to trust yourself and others as you
Choose Who You Want to be Known As this week.

Happy Valentine Week Thoughts! ©Jo Ann M. Radja

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When the Journey, begins anew…




“Feel the fear.  Do it anyways.”  Anonymous

I just finished reading Kimberly Weisul’s article in Inc. Magazine about Ms.Carey Lohrenz, a recently promoted Navy Tomcat fighter jet Pilot.    Ms. Weisul, an Editor-at-Large at Inc. Magazine teaches us how to interview.  I say this because her article surprisingly has many realistic stories about Pilot Carey Lohrenz’ career path on how she felt the fear and kept on going.

We love quotations because the words ring true for us and leave lasting perceptions and images in our minds.  Pilot Lohrenz’ words of wisdom on performance and leadership are:

“The number one way to reduce anxiety in a volatile environment is to write down your top three priorities and focus on those.”

“Almost all the pilots I worked with wrote notes on their hands – what went wrong and how to fix it” pretty quickly.

“It’s notoriously difficult to be an Officer.”          How she made it was taking on the fear and working through the experience to find a way for herself  to make it work – again, again, and again.  After each successful experience, Pilot Carey began a new journey to test herself against the next issue she was asked to handle.

As you work through your career this week, Choose Who You Want to be Known As, when you are pushing to make it through the day, the project or the week.  Enjoy your week!

Executive & Career Management Coach


Ethics and Compliance Week 2014



Our system of morality is a body of imperfect social generalizations expressed in terms of emotions. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Early in the morning, he wanted
To meet.
He was late for almost an hour and never apologized.
It seemed he totally forgot.
Can leaders make mistakes? Yes, they can. A
Servant Leader would own his accountability. ©

Everyone was ready for the meeting. It
Touched many to
Hear the first Speaker’s enthusiasm of her strategy, that
Increased attention to the message. It
Caused many to sit up.
So keep an open mind for the name of the industry as the
company’s name may surprise you. ©

Have a great week in your Career!

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent

If you’re interested, The Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE) has expert videos for you to take a look at:


No ONE is looking…



The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.  Coach John Wooten

Another Season has begun this week and people seem busier than ever to catch up on what may not have been finished or even started on their “short list” for 2013.   Many of our Leaders continue to show how they manage themselves in times of increased disharmony in the world.   While the detractors seem never to be satisfied, it’s a lesson for us to witness the positive history unfold before us.

Character tough times reveals truthGoogle092613

Wherever we work, we’ve seen situations that don’t make sense to us.  How did that person get the promotion?  What’s the story behind that?  What could I have done differently to  place myself in line for a promotion?  Why didn’t I create an opportunity to be considered for a promotion?        We accept realities of what we can do and what we cannot do.  Yet, as human beings, we work on how we accept the unknown and what the unknown means in our day-to-day lives.

The quotations about Character shown in this Blog remind us of a quotation, from different perspectives.  Leaders may not always be right.  They may not always be aware  when someone is “looking” at what they do.  They may not be aware how often someone is watching their performance under very stressful situations.  They do, however, influence us and challenge us to decide whether we agree or disagree with their actions.

3ab79fde905ba3028fbadca1b7841856_viewthosewhodonothingforyogoogle092513uWhat do you do best when challenged with an unknown?  How do you handle yourself when your boss is watching you at work?  Do you act the same way with your co-workers as you do with your boss?  When no one is looking, Who do you want to be known as?

Have a great Fall Season as you look, watch or be yourself!

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coaching and Change Agent

Team, Teaming, Teammate


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