Welcome to my Career Management Coaching Blog!

This Blog content reflects coaching concepts, career food for thought items and occasional anagram poems on ethics and holidays.   Because we are all readers, I welcome your comments as, I wish to serve you in your pursuit of attaining how you can be your best in your career. I enjoy coaching people both in non-profit organizations as well as business organizations.

The anagram poems I write may make you smile or wonder why they were written.  My intention is to tweak your curiosity as the reader so that you Choose Who You Want to be Known As.  Reading this blog does not qualify as a professional coaching session under generally accepted ethical standards.

My varied background includes over 30 years in the financial services industry that includes a number of management positions. I am an entrepreneur and my Twitter handle is @Coach_Jo_Ann.  I became certified as a Professional Coach (CPC) over six years ago and have certificates of continuing education for over five and a half years.  The Boss Whispering Institute coaching program was completed in February, 2015 and am now a Member of The Boss Whispering Institute.

My Business Blog careermanagementcoaching.me  of June 26, 2016 explains the By-line of Choose Who You Want to be Known As –  When Mindfulness leads to Emotional Intelligence. . .

As a LinkedIn Publisher, additional blog posts are found at  my Profile on the LinkedIn Professional Network at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/energycoachingatlivedotcom.

During 2011, I prepared a brief PowerPoint Presentation on Ethics.  It was accepted as a publication in the library of the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics.  Here is the link: http://community.hcca-info.org/HCCA/Communities/Resources/ViewDocument/?DocumentKey=92cdba2b-b013-4354-91da-8369861176ff.

During June of 2012,  I published: Ethics to You Too!™, Smashwords Edition 2012, Ethics to You Too!™ is an E-book of anagrams on the word: E-T-H-I-C-S. The anagram poems are about Teams, Collaboration, Conflict and, Coaching  — so You Choose Who You Want to be Known As.  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/171791#!

I do accept suggestions for a future blog so as I’ve mentioned earlier, please free to send along any and all comments. Thanks so much for visiting this site and Enjoy your day!

Jo Ann” M.  Radja,  Executive and Career Management Coach

January 24, 2017

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