Today is the 1st Anniversary of this Career Management Coaching Blog. I am grateful you made a choice to read it and wish you all well in your careers. Concepts is the subject I am blogging about today.

Early this morning I was browsing the Online Edition of the New York Times. I came across a number of career management concepts you might want to think about in an article written by Ms. Cathy Horyn. The article was published yesterday and is entitled “And Precisely So,” in the Fashion Review Section.

The 1st Concept is: “Continuity amid Change”
The rhythm of your position is what you know. Expectations are outlined and you work to meet them daily. How easily do you embrace change when it presents itself? What is your first reaction when the change is presented? What is the timetable for the change to be implemented? How long do you have to accept the change and move forward?

The 2nd Concept is: “A rocky start led to control over their form.” You know what you are able to do when a new project begins. How well do you work with others in clarifying your role? How important is to you to have greater responsibility than you had in an earlier project? What will you do when you don’t have as much responsibility as you wanted? What is more important. . . the team’s project or your recognition within the team?

The 3rd concept is: “Precision of thought” led the designer’s team “to achieve precise results.” The values of trust, shared responsibility and team buy-in guided this team to success. Recognition of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses added synergy to their work and played out each person’s role together as a whole. Author Horyn eloquently said, “That precision of thought, in a busines of compromise, is the virture of couture.”

The three concepts I gleaned from Ms. Horyn’s article are food for thought during this bitter cold week in January. What business concepts are important to you as you Choose Who You Want to be Known As. Enjoy your day!

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent
Author: Ethics to YOU Too! Smashwords Edition 2012

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