Recently, on a cold winter evening, I watched a portion of a PBS broadcast entitled, “NATURE. Cuba: The Accidental Eden.” What became clear to me is how often Perceptions are mistaken. What I was reminded of is the notion that when our lack of understanding takes over our thoughts, we have to step back and allow our curiosity to move us forward. (My familiarity with Cuba is not strong and this Blog is not in any way a political commentary.)

Among the many career stories portrayed in this broadcast, I would like to share the story of the turtles. It is a story about people who have chosen a humanitarian/conservation career in a beautiful rural area. Large turtle populations are dwindling in the world primarily because many shorelines have become polluted. American turtles are swimming some 90 miles away to the pristine shorelines of Cuba. A few people have developed turtle farms. Turtle eggs are painstakingly dug up by hand, moved to the farm and replanted inland, so the eggs won’t be damaged by encroaching salty tides.

A farmer who was interviewed said he doesn’t make much money yet his work is done from the heart! It is tedious, time consuming and may help the world to increase the turtle population. Some 15,000 eggs were hatched on his farm. The humanitarian/conservation efforts of this Cuban farmer are many: humility, being connected to a process greater than himself, satisfaction of a job well done, painstakingly performing a job that may not be known to others, industriousness, servant leadership, etc. Many of you perform your job and share the values just mentioned and do so willingly and happily.

Our perceptions of a country and its citizens, some 90 miles away from American soil may be slightly clouded, yet goodness abounds in places we never knew much about. What perceptions do you have about someone else’s job? How are you Choosing Who You Want to be Known As when dealing with your perception about someone else? Are your perceptions correct…are they warranted? What would it take for you to consider another possibility for the perception you currently have of someone else? The answers lie within you. Have a great week and enjoy!

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach and Change Agent
Author: Ethics to You Too!™ Smashwords Edition 2012 http://www.smashwords/books/view/171791

Note: Public Broadcasting Television Station, WTTW-Chicago, “Nature: Cuba, The Accidental Eden”. January 9, 2013.

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