New Year Day 2019


N ew becomes old
E very day.
e know it and continue on.

Y et, we hope change can occur; it’s
E asier said than done. We
A lways try and this year Iet’s take the
R isk to move forward for your own self-development.

Happy New Year this 2019 as you Choose Who You
Want to be Known As.  All the best,

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What’s Your Friday the 13th Story?


friday-13th-1042305_960_720kerbstone-at-pixabay-011317Here’s my story from the LinkedIn post, published this afternoon at : “Friday the 13th and Synergies. . .” by @Coach_Jo_Ann on @LinkedIn

Whatever your beliefs about Today may be, I hope you Choose Who You Want to be Known As on Friday the 13th!
 “Jo Ann” M. Radja, Executive & Career Management Coach

What’s a Monday to YOU?

BHbtFLqCIAARfj0040913 ExcerptFromCoach Jo Ann's blog post Monday

We’ve enjoyed the holidays and are back at what we love to do best to earn a living.  The above design quote was originally published by me in April of 2013, at this site:   I hope you give your best to your career this year as we begin the first week of January 2016!

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Executive and Career Management Coach


The mid, mean or middle



A few years ago while speaking to someone,  I used the phrase, a person’s viewpoint can “turn on a dime.”  It was the first time this phrase was heard by the person I was speaking to.  This idiom means that change can happen very quickly as a reaction to an event, whether inside ourselves or from one of our senses.     For many of us, we know that we change everyday, simply because we are one day older. We are able to change lanes while driving because we were initially trained to do so and we develop experience to safely do so.  We are able to change our appearance quickly with a new haircut, a new pair of glasses or a new style of clothing.  Yet, to change a behavior, to move from the mid, mean or middle is not an easy task.

Perhaps we need to remind ourselves that we don’t have to move from the mid, mean or middle (which is in the center or between two opposite sides).  It is a good place to be because it allows for an understanding of what is above or below you.  Why does your opinion differs from the first comment or the last comment in a meeting. . . or why caution may be necessary as opposed to rushing to judgment or ignoring that a problem exists.


Opportunities are available to us.  We may have to create an opportunity or one may fall unexpectedly in our lap.  What opportunities have you noticed over the past few weeks of January, that you wished you had taken?  Was the opportunity what you wanted?  Or is your mid, mean or middle position keeping you happy in your career?  As you think about a difficulty that presents an opportunity now or tomorrow, Choose Who You Want to be Known As.

Keep warm and safe on this day, my WordPress 2nd Anniversary.   Thanks for your time in reading my Blog.

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach and Change Agent

Feed, Fodder or Feedback


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Waiting for…?


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