New Year Day 2019


N ew becomes old
E very day.
e know it and continue on.

Y et, we hope change can occur; it’s
E asier said than done. We
A lways try and this year Iet’s take the
R isk to move forward for your own self-development.

Happy New Year this 2019 as you Choose Who You
Want to be Known As.  All the best,

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More Questions to Consider. . .


In order for an organization to stay healthy, its members must have a clear sense of who they are and what they can accomplish…in terms of a product they make or… in terms of a service they perform.  Members must feel they have a share in it.   Fred Pearson

Earlier today, I published a post entitled, “What’s YOUR Question Today?” at LinkedIn Pulse    The subject matter was innovation, feedback from the world’s largest architectural firm founder, Arthur Gensler and  a change management Design Group Study Guide from the University of Chicago.   A number of questions were posted from the Design Group Study Guide.  I would like to share with you additional questions because they acknowledge how you may be able to work through different perspectives in a group or team.  Here they are:

What expectations do the leaders have for the group/team?  Is there a match with the expectations of the team?  Are the expectations in line with the agreed goal of the project?  If not, is it time for the group/team to agree an expectation has a place to be articulated in the group and may be unrealistic.

“How do your attitudes compare with the team members?  Are your observational skills improving?  Are your skills at listening to others, and asking effective questions, getting better?   How were you influenced by others, for the better,  in the group/team?”

“What skills do Group Leaders need to get the job accomplished?  What skills do group members need to work together?  How has your participation in the group/team increased your understanding of your company and your place within the company?”

Personal growth will only be realized when you recognize what was difficult for you, your lack of understanding of an issue, or dealing with another person, or making a tough decision.  No one ever said self-development was easy and that’s why we love to do better by stretching ourselves in our careers!  Have a great week.

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Executive &  Career Management Coach


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Are you Stretching?


Are you stretching yourself today in whatever you are involved in?  A few days ago, I was working on a project and noticed color spectrums on my apartment wall coming from a small crystal at my window.  A few of the “rainbows” bounced off another wall or over a wall.  I know this last sentence sounds a bit off, but it did happen.  So how did that happen?  I surely don’t know, although I did try to measure how the light travelled, or bounced off another object.

The picture above this Blog is a color spectrum that shot over 20 feet from the small crystal, when there was no direct line to the bedroom door.

Growing up we learn about “the stretch”.  We were taught to stretch:  when we are learning a new task — when we are stretching to increase a budding talent. How far of “a stretch” is it for you to do something?

Stretching today is all about getting out of your comfort zone.  What can I do today that I didn’t do before or how can I act differently in a situation I’ve been in before.  When you “stretch” you learn about you and Who You Want To Be Known As.    Enjoy your day.

Jo Ann M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent 02/24/12