What Bridge Do You Cross?


Following a Presentation Meeting last Saturday, I decided to walk some 10 blocks West to where I parked my car. I was greeted with a phenomenon you don’t often see everyday — one of the great bridges in Chicago, rising upwards to allow a ferry to pass. It was the first time, I’ve ever seen the bridge rise upwards in the wintertime. Has that happened to you? What Bridge do you Cross in your career to realize a goal or finish a project on time?

Many of us do not live in an area where bridges exist, yet we know what they are and marvel at their design and function, whether they cross a wide divide or a smaller waterway. Similarly, in our careers, we often times are striving to bridge a connection through networking, a relationship, or within a conversation with another person.

How have you worked through the process of trying to repair a “burned bridge” in your relationships or career? Although the phrase “don’t burn your bridges” means if you do so, it is nearly impossible to repair, it is not impossible. It starts with YOU as you decide to cross a bridge in your career path.

I’ve heard that the word impossible really means, “i m possible.” Whatever bridge you may be crossing this wintry week, whether figuratively or real, Choose Who You Want to be Known As.

“Jo Ann” M.Radja, Career Management Coaching and Change Agent

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