Early this morning, I watched a TedxTalk by Dr. Brene Brown, who is a well- known researcher on the subject of Shame.   Dr. Brown’s talk included this comment:  Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of change.

After playing back this comment, I thought about a man I met in the beginning of last month, who I will call Roy.  I sat next to Roy in a room full of people.  He introduced himself to me and I learned he was a government official.  Roy began a conversation with a man who sat next to him.  That man became agitated and spoke loudly in this very public setting…he abruptly left the room.

Roy and I began a conversation on the subject of how to gracefully exit an uncomfortable public conversation. . .a vulnerability. An answer was to excuse yourself and walk away.  Dr. Brown would have smiled at Roy who recognized his vulnerability.  Roy shared with me he had never walked away from this type of conversation.  I told him he could practice with me.  Now, Roy questioned?  Yes, I said.  He waited a moment, stood up and announced he needed to leave.  He looked down at me, smiled and walked away.

What vulnerability might be present within you, this week, as you Choose Who You Want to be Knnown As.  Have great courage this week and enjoy what you do.

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent

Author: Ethics to You Too!™ Smashwords Edition, 2012

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