When Do You Decide…

When do you decide to go to a professional and pay for advice?  I almost did so this morning online concerning a breach of privacy issue with a specific online product.  An avatar tech informed me that if the answer solved the issue, I was invited to pay a fee.  The fee was reasonable so I clicked the Answer button.  The Agreement Terms then displayed.  About four paragraphs into the Terms, the text turned from black to red.  Among other things, you were advised the question and paid-for answer were not confidential.  I then stopped the process and opted out.

So when do you decide to pay for advice that you can rely on, after sharing confidential or private information, that you don’t want made public?  The simple answer is, you pay a professional for advice and service, you don’t want made public for any reason.

Over the weekend, I caught up on my reading materials from attending a Conference last month.  I discovered a company had prepared a 64-page manual on how to complete a one-page form of 8 fill-in lines.  You might think, how complicated could it be to only fill in eight lines on one page???  People write in wrong information that a company relies on to be correct.  Consequences occur for the signer and a company.

So again — when do you decide to go to a professional and pay for advice? Perhaps the answer becomes when the need occurs and you want the professional confidentiality on the matter or your thought process.

Since choices are with us daily, when you make your choices during the last few days of November, Choose Who You Want to be Known As. Enjoy your week!

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent

Author: Ethics to YOU Too!™ Smashwords Edition, 2012

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