Quiet Time for YOU. . .

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow was another one. Dr. Seuss (posted by Lynne Morris on Pinterest.com).

We don’t often think “we’re having fun” while we are working. Yet we do. And if you are not enjoying your day, think about what you may be missing.

I have posted a few blogs about self-management and mindfulness. There is another concept that many people, at all levels, are beginning to practice. It’s called, Quiet Time.” Having quiet time, even for a few minutes, presents so many opportunities for you, some of which are:

* Become aware of your breathing;

* Helps you focus on yourself;

* You are able think about what just happened a few minutes
ago or what you may have to do in the next hour or so;

* Allows your mind to settle. . . so that you come back refreshed; and

* Gives you moments to reflect on how you acted.

Quiet times are office breaks. Looking out the window for a few minutes is quiet time. Taking a short walk at lunch time is quiet time. Listening to motivational audios is quiet time. We don’t feel we are entitled to RELAX at work because we feel we’re supposed to be working, right? We certainly are able to find a few moments in our work day to relax and have quiet time.

Some 3.7 million people have listened to one video** on the Internet and felt good about themselves and what they are doing at their daily work. So Choose Who You Want to be Known As during your Quiet Time for YOU this week. Enjoy your week.

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach and Change Agent

** 3,733,644 Views. “Music to Help Study and Work.” RelaxingRecords.com 26:30 minutes.

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