It Depends…

What is your answer?  It depends.

Most people become put off by hearing the words, “it depends.”  Is it because we expect an answer immediately? Or, were we not prepared to hear, “it depends”.

Whatever your internal monitor is today as you react to the phrase, “it depends,” consider what your expectations are.  Why do you want someone to be influenced by what you said?  Why are you expecting someone to trust what you said?  Why do you want someone to rely on what you said?  These three questions relate to definitions of the word, depend – to rely upon, to trust, to be influenced by.

A remaining definition of the word depend,  “refers to a determination of something else.”  Our internal reaction monitor may not have been aware of this last definition of the word depends.  In other words, the response, “I can answer your question by asking another question” is okay and not intended to put someone off because an answer may be dependent on “a determination of something else.”

As you listen to responses from people this week, consider How Do You Want to be Known As you ask a question.  Have a great week!

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent

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