Judging, judged, judge




The frog never judges, never evaluates, and never gives advice – it merely offers questions.  Dr. Karl Albrecht


Frequently in our careers, we find ourselves being judged by our actions, or lack of action on an issue.  How do we handle it?  We may answer, “I forgot,” “I guess I didn’t make it a priority.”  “Thanks for reminding me, I’ll take care of it right now.”   The answers are many and varied in response to someone who may be in a situation of  Judging, Judged or Judge.  Dr. Karl Albrecht in his 2004 book entitled,  Conversations With a Frog (http://www.amazon.com/Conversations-Frog-Dr-Karl-Albrecht/dp/0913351172)  guides us to consider asking questions and not evaluate or judge someone because within a professional coaching situation, questions are the norm.


Dr. Wayne Dyer offers the following thought:

Green_Leaf_2WayneDyerquoteonjudgingothersBING032414This quotation begs the question of whether how you would act in a situation comes out in a conversation and not how the person you may be speaking to has acted.    It’s a learned practice not to judge others.   Experts tells us a new habit can be learned within some 21 days.   The Season of Spring often helps us look forward to new ways and opportunities to develop ourselves.   If it’s a good fit for you, consider how you Choose Who You Want to be Known As in the next situation of Judging, Judged, Judge.


Have a wonder Spring Season in your Career!


“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent




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