Our daily life with Ethics

Dilbert_ExcerptIntegrityBING042114Last week, I located a currency exchange, so I could purchase a vehicle sticker for my car.   Many larger metropolitan areas now have “zone parking” as does my new community.  While I never purchased a zone parking permit before, my new community combines payment both for the registration of a car for a legal resident and  zone parking.  A discussion ensued with the lady ticket agent about the value of including zone parking in my purchase. The daily life of ethics then became clear.

“Oh,” I said, maybe I should purchase it now so I could let a visitor use the zone parking pass,  The Woman smiled at me and said, “It didn’t work that way.”  I realized then, the payment of a zone parking pass did not belong to me.  The zone parking pass related to the vehicle in the same way as the registration of my auto did.       “Okay, just give me the vehicle sticker for now and I’ll be back in June for the Annual renewal.”

I do occasionally, jay walk (a Chicago term for crossing the street, not at an intersection.)  We’re not perfect and it is good someone acts professionally when we may not “be with the program.”   Once my payment went through, the Woman handed me the largest vehicle sticker I ever saw in my life.  The center of the sticker included space for the neighborhood zone information to be printed.   The daily life of ethics is with us as We Choose Who We Want to be Known As.   Have a great week in your career!

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent

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