Change At Last…

I always find it refreshing to meet people who are truly happy who they are.  It’s contagious.  It feels good.  You want to stay in that moment.  How are you defined by your good mood at the office, outside of the office, at home or at weekend events?  How often are you defined by your current role in life first, and then by your mood?  How important is it for you to be remembered as being engaging, or someone who left a good impression because of your good mood?

Here’s a sample talk I developed of how you can explain yourself. You may find that by working through this talk, your mood level will rise and your confidence will show through to other people.

Say what you do:  [Your current role];

Say what they get:  [What value is received, whether to a potential employer, a customer, a client, a team member, a colleague, another volunteer, family member, or student]; and

Say what you give:  [what the take away is for the other person].

This is my talk:

Say what you do:  I coach leaders…

Say what they get:  for their self-driven outcomes…

Say what you give: and I provide empathy, trust and honesty.

As you begin the month of August this week, Choose Who You Want to be Known As when you are in a situation to change your mood to increase your good feeling and confidence.  Have a great week!

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent

Author:  Ethics to You Too! ™ 07/30/2012

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