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“Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.”     A memorable example for us occurred this week in Cleveland.   Edging toward the sound To listen . . . and. . . He heard the call … Continue reading

Going Home?

“Most of the time, you can’t go home.  In my case, you can go home.”   Lionel Richie

I heard this phrase spoken by Lionel Richie recently as he was interviewed about his new business venture with country music stars.  It was quite sometime since I listened to someone utter those words, and I thought – what do we bring from our “homes” to the workplace?

When we think about “home”, do we mean our upbringing home, or where we live now, or a place in our life that “felt like home”? Were you the first-born or the last-born child? Were you the compromiser, middle child? Did you have a small family, a large family or no family?

Whatever your sense of “home” may be, what positive values do you bring to the work place from your feelings of “home”?  What impact, if any, does your sense of home have for you today, in what you presently do?  Since your life experiences have led you to where you are today, I wish you a good week in all your actions of Who You Want To Be Known As.

Jo Ann M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent 03/25/12