“Sameness in our Relationships”

I published this post on another media this afternoon on LinkedIn.com.  Enjoy your week as you Choose Who You Want to be Known As.

“As questions arise about Ethics and its place in our society, it’s not something people discuss every day. It is, however, something that we experience often during each week in our relationships with people.

As humans, we want to belong to groups and we want to find the sameness in each other.The contrast to this statement is when we meet a long-ago friend or acquaintance and recognize we no longer have anything in common. The sameness we knew before was missing and we may not be able to pinpoint what it exactly was. What we know is that it is not there now.

Where do you look first, to find the sameness in someone? Have you found it in the facets of your family life, your career or outside those two groups? We learn about ourselves more fully from someone else. Understanding someone else’s opinion opens our eyes or may shut down our listening.

During the Summer of 2013, a fun example of a search for sameness occurred for me. I visited an example of public art that served as the basis for a blog post. I named it, “The details we want to know” on July 17, 2013 at https://careermanagementcoaching.me/2013/07/17/the-details-we-want-to-know. This blog post is about business and the economy (and not much has changed in the past year). It is also about art history, intrigue, conflict and the importance of creating the essence of sameness in the community. (If you do read that blog post, I hope you find the example of sameness the architect created. He paired the facial likeness of an American Indian with that of an Egyptian man. It’s located high on a wall within the Courtyard of the Chicago Board of Trade.)

Another issue of sameness from the public artwork at the Chicago Board of Trade courtyard is how male visionary leaders, from the past, found the benefit of stately women icons representing the values of the Chicago Board of Trade. Additionally, I listed some 50-concepts of the word trade that represent similar ethical food-for-thought considerations. We look for sameness in our relationships and have positive examples to follow when we allow ourselves the time to see what is around us. Please enjoy your last few days of July in whatever career path you have chosen.

Jo Ann M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent (@Coach_Jo_Ann)”



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