Missed, Misstep or Mistake



Mistakes are the portals of discovery. James Joyce 


Since we are not perfect, we often place stress on ourselves when we don’t fully understand what happened following a “blip” in our careers.  Was it a mistake or a failure?  A known mistake usually get corrected quickly and does not create as strong an impact as a failure.  We think of mistakes as a snafu, a gaffe or a blunder.  Failure correlates to negativity as in a breakdown, collapse, deficiency, failing or defect.  Do we become emotionally attached to the words mistake and failure, or the underlying situation as in Missed, Misstep or Mistake.


How we handle situations leads to impressions, judgments and acceptance by those whom we deal with in our careers.  What is the most comfortable way you express yourself after a mistake occurs?  Do you acknowledge it, take responsibility and offer to correct it – if it is possible to do so. What conditions have to exist within the mistake for you to include an apology?


What relationships need to be repaired following a failure?   Looking back on a career failure, how did you move forward?  How effectively are you able to factually explain this uncomfortable example of personal development?  What have you learned about yourself and your actions with others?  Have you adopted new behaviors in your career as life-long learning skills?








Whether you Missed a deadline, or had a Misstep by an omission, or a Mistake was attributed to you, Choose Who You Want to be Known As this week.   Have a great week in your Career.

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach and Change Agent




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