“What’s your Source of Development?”

During a recent feedback conversation, it was suggested that I publish a few personal stories. I’ve slightly modified the following story to place it in a career management setting. This story was published on the Social Media Platform of LinkedIn within the past hour at:

“May the Angel of Encouragement confirm You

In worth and self-respect

That you may live with dignity

That presides in your soul.” John O’Donohue




How often have you prepared for a presentation and didn’t have all the personal information about a potential client? Putting social media aside for the moment, all you are able to do is to conduct yourself under the business and social rules that reside within yourself.

Here’s the setting: During a one-on-one presentation, you are a quick study of the potential client as you keep the focus on the business issues at hand. A rapport is developed and a give-n-take conversation happens. The potential client takes time to identify issues he hadn’t articulated before, while he describes his rules of engagement. Then it happens! You are told you aren’t pretty enough…so the contract isn’t awarded to you.

Once I arrived back at the office, I was greeted by the newly appointed Office Head who reviewed my presentation and agreed it had merit. She offered that under her management, this situation wouldn’t happen again. The carry-forward learning was:

•You did your best;

•You realized that “in the moment,” a potential client may not

ultimately be a good fit;

•The outcome, while not conceived in advance, planted

the seed to “Choose Who You Want to be Known As”

in any given situation.

The reality of what that potential client wanted may not have been clear even to him. During the next six months, this potential client hired and fired two people to represent his interests. So perhaps it was a “work in progress” for that man to hire a good fit for his needs and wants.

As you Choose Who You Want to be Known As this week, consider how your talents meet the wants and needs of your Customer either inside or outside your company. Enjoy your week in your career!

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent

Notes: The above poem by John O’Donohue represents a universal concept of encouragement. Feel free to substitute the word angel with whatever word provides you with a source of development. Likewise, the word soul might be substituted with the words, being or nature.





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