What’s your insightful oversight…

It’s always a new experience to witness what an Editor chooses for the public to read, admire, or enhance an understanding about the world at large.  I recently set up a software portfolio of my interests and discovered, yet again how much information is available to us that keeps us current.  The underlying source is the world at large and it is exciting to view the pool of talent  in so many disciplines. It begs the question, in your career, what type of metric or display do you have in front of you to keep you on track with your responsibilities and is it working for you?   What does your insightful oversight look like?



Conducting your insightful oversight is a process we all engage in during our career week. It’s another way of saying, “What’s your Storyboard look like?”  Do you update it hourly, daily or weekly?  What has worked well for you in keeping your visual oversight easily updated?  Feel free to share your visual oversight with me and the readers of this Blog.  I’d love to hear from you.

thHZ2CGQSSBarrierstoEntryimagefromBing081814Your vision is in front of you.  What door will be opened for you this week as you manage your own insightful conduct?

Have a great career week as You Choose Who You Want to be Known As.

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach

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