Just say it. . .

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A week or so ago, I heard a public conversation between two people.  The subject was honesty. This conversation ended with one person believing there was only one answer to the question of what honesty is.  I was surprised by this result because the question wasn’t, “Give me a definition of honesty.”   The person leading the conversation then said, as he turned to the audience, “Why don’t YOU Just say it.” We should all use One Person’s belief of the word honesty.

Honesty is a word with a multitude of meanings within our American culture and on the world stage.  The word is often applied to two historical American Presidents:  George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  It also may put someone off, when you say it, because a person may give a knee-jerk reaction and say, “What. . . are you saying I’m not honest?”

During this past weekend, I found over 35 synonyms for the word honesty.  Here are just a few: fairness, candor, conscientiousness, integrity, honor, trustworthiness, equity.   You know what the value of honesty is for you in your career and all other aspects of your life.  As you Choose Who You Want to be Known As this week, have a great first full week of August!

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent

Note:  http://www.dictionary.com/reference/honesty

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