Halloween for Some…

For our neighbors who are dealing with the aftermath of Storm Sandy on the US East Coast and all neighboring inland States, we in the Midwest keep you in our thoughts.

Whatever your age today, Halloween is a happy event for many people.  We begin to celebrate Halloween, days before today’s calendar.  Living in the Midwest, all ages participate in most communities. Why is that?

What values come to mind on Halloween for us?   You might hear, more often than not, that it’s…FUN.  We get to play dress up… we smile as we give out a treat to a neighbor… we enjoy a treat someone brought into our work place, or elsewhere… we may get to know someone we hadn’t met before.  Again, we smile.  Halloween takes us away from our the stress within our lives.   It seems to “lift our spirits”.

Your values are with you everyday, no matter whether it’s a day people celebrate an event, or not.  As the last day of October ends later today, consider Who You Want to be Known As.  Happy Halloween for Some!

“Jo Ann” M. Radja Career Management Coach & Change Agent

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