Which Way –Others to You?

I read a Tweet this week about suggestions that change peoples minds*, and followed up on it.  One of the suggestions talked about the Hawthorne Effect – a famous 1950’s psychological study by Harvard University on whether office lighting had an effect on job productiity.**  Surprisingly, the researchers found out that productivity increased because the workers had the “attention” of management during the Study.

There seems to be so much written today about work engagement*** that Harvard University’s Study seems to have come full circle.  What attention are you given by your boss?  Why do you want attention? What does “attention” mean to you?  Why is it important to you?  When others pay more attention to you, does your motivation increase? Are you more engaged?

Which way does it have to be for you this week. . . attention from others equals greater productivity/engagement for you? Or, are you more attentive to others as You Choose Who You Want to Be Known As?  Either way, enjoy your week.

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