Stepping In or Out?

Have you ever stepped into a situation you knew was a bit unbelievable, yet true?  Recently, I witnessed a situation where someone reached out for a professional.  Although three experts didn’t quite understand what the request for assistance was, each offered to look at the issue.  (It seemed to me, it was similar to taking a car to the repair shop with a noise you heard while driving, yet the mechanic(s) did not.)

The expert who arrived to look at the situation asked when did this happen?  What were you doing when it happened? What did you do when it happened?  Why did you take pictures?  The expert volunteered he had never witnessed a similar situation. Yet, this remaining expert felt the picture did not appear to be a fake.  After some 20 minutes, the expert, quite accidentally, recreated the situation; although alarmed, he found a solution.  So all seemed to be well again.

When you step into a conversation, how far do you go to get a point across?  How long does it take to earn credibility from your peers? … your team members or others?  What type of backup or factual information might you need to be viewed as credible? During this first week of June, as you are “stepping in, or stepping up, or stepping out” of situations, I know you will act as Who You Want to be Known As.

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent   June 4, 2012

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