Pushing Against It!

Last Friday, I attended a business presentation one-half block away from Chicago’s famous Lake Shore Drive.  Not only was the temperature in the high 40’s, the wind was everywhere.  The wind pushed me forward; it made me push against it, while I walked the final block to the meeting.  When I walked across the street, the wind pushed my hair upwards!  I felt like I floated into the building once I pushed through the revolving entrance.

We’ve all heard the phrase of “being up against it.”  It usually means getting something done in a short period of time.  So how do you “push” through whatever makes you feel you’re “up against it”?  What pressure do you feel when you are “pushing” to get something done?  What trigger points come into play while you are “pushing” to get it done?

The easy part is knowing you do have a deadline.  Many people thrive while “pushing against it”, but certainly not all.   During this last week of April, Spring continues to “push through” it’s seasonal cycle.  While you are “pushing up against it” this week, Choose Who You Want to Be Known As. Enjoy your week!

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent 04/23/12

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