As I was approaching a friend’s driveway, I noticed a young dog standing on three legs, by the side of the road next to my friend’s fence.   Perhaps the dog was standing in a yoga pose, with one leg bent upwards.  It was a first time for me to see a dog that way.

After I parked my car in the driveway, I looked at the dog, some 20 yards away.  The dog saw me and started to walk over, on four legs!  The dog started to walk around my car and smiled.   Another car approached.  The driver rolled down her window, as did I, and we spoke.  She said she also saw the dog standing on three legs;  she thought it was a lame lost dog, so she doubled back to check it out.  (What I didn’t know at the time was that the dog was a pit bull.)

The other driver had a spare leash in her car, which she fastened to the dog’s neck.  The dog seemed eager to come up to me and the woman driver couldn’t believe the dog did not belong to me.  The other driver was becoming insistent that I knew the dog and that the dog lived at the home I was about to visit.   Finally, the other driver offered and agreed to drop the dog off at a neighborhood shelter and we said our goodbyes.  

I later wondered how often we see something and are not sure what to make of it.  What do we do? How do we handle the situation?  What do our senses tell us?   Is our intuition working for us that day?

As we begin our week, how can we address a situation that may seem odd or uncomfortable – with a different approach.   Is our judgment taking over a situation instead of our being more aware, and keeping an open mind?   Whatever your choose, it will be Who You Want To Be Known As.   Have a great week!

Jo Ann M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent April 9, 2012

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