I didn’t expect that!

Isn’t it humbling and also wonderful to be told you had done well.  It came out of the blue for me recently.

So how are you motivated to do well?  What steps have you taken or considered to take to let your boss know what you need to succeed?

Since we are beginning to move through the month of April – the new beginnings of Spring are all around us.  What new beginnings will you think about this week to keep your motivation on track or increase?  What conversations will you have with your team members to learn more about what motivates them? How will these different perspectives work into what you need to do well and be motivated?

We really don’t have to wait for a reason. The month of April will motivate us daily to think about new beginnings and Who We Want To Be Known As.  Enjoy!

Jo Ann M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent 04/02/12

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