International Coaching Week February 5-12, 2012


This week is International Coaching Week 2012.   Professional Coaches who are members of the International Coach Federation around the world join together to inform their communities about the benefits of coaching and the value it brings to people.

My gift to you today is a Coaching Tool, which is an interpretation of the Johari Window (JW).   The JW is used all over the world in everyday life, in many professions, industries, as well as government agencies. Decades ago, it was created and developed by Business Psychologists Ingham and Luft [see note below.]

Many of us have heard the phrase, ““feeling the pain” of not having something, or pushing ourselves through “the pain” in a sports activity.   Take a look at the Coaching Tool; it is called the Pain/Gain Window.  When you read through the tool’s window text, keep in mind how you would answer the questions.  Since most of us have something in our lives that we want, and don’t quite immediately know how to get it, this tool may assist you in your focus of the issues.

Try it out.  I presented it to someone a few months ago.  The professional, was thrilled to learn of a tool that organized thoughts and emotions together.

Have a great week and Enjoy!    Jo Ann M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent  as well as International Coach Federation (ICF) member.

Notes: (1) Discussions about the Johari Window and its applications can be found by visiting, and

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