Just One Minute. . .

While housekeeping in my apartment late Sunday afternoon, I listened to a Spiritual Leader* speak about his views on how people seem so angry all the time.  Have you noticed the angst coming out of mouths of people lately, or for quite some time?  Spiritual Leader Rabbi Harold S. Kushner described it as “free floating rage.”

This was my first experience hearing Rabbi Kushner speak.  He came across as so honest and forthcoming about his life experiences that I was drawn into what he had to say.  I was attuned to coaching questions that were intertwined within his talk… When was the last time you experienced a random act of kindness?  How happy are you in your life right now?  What are you doing about it?

People have been so resilient over the past few years, dealing with unforeseen weather conditions, too much rain or too little; drought conditions; hurricanes, flooding, power outages lasting more than one week in outlining metropolitan areas,  first-time horrific tornadoes in some U.S. cities; earthquake tremors reaching across a few U.S. State lines or occurring in places close to our homes for the first time.  Whew! That’s just the weather and not everything else going on in our lives.  Is it any wonder we don’t seem to be agreeable?

Finding just one minute today to consider how much you really have coped with and what you are continuing to cope with in your life just might help you. After you’ve taken a few minutes to do so, why not give yourself a pat on the back.  Acknowledge your coping mechanisms for all the good that you’ve accomplished for yourself and for others.  Consider taking just one minute daily or weekly and keep reminding yourself the good that you do.   You may find your mood shifting upwards and becoming the person You Want To Be Known As.

Jo Ann M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent

*30 Good Minutes.org  (Sunday, January 22, 2012).

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