Why Are YOU Silent?

Yesterday, I came across a misplaced copy of an article I was considering writing about.  The subject matter is: organizational silence*.  This phrase simply means not just speaking up when you know something is wrong.  It means continuing to work knowing you have no apparent options and hoping you are wrong.

It takes practice to know if something is amiss.  Why? Our perceptions may not be based on fact.  We may not work in an environment where it’s okay to bring up serious concerns.  Many people have learned to “go along to get along.”  Or, have you learned to only tell your boss what he/she wants to hear?

So my questions for you this week are:  How do YOU want to be told that a serious problem exists?  Do YOU want to hear the “short version” or the “long version”?  How do YOU know that something sounds true or not?  Placing yourself in the position of someone else may open up a perspective to help you learn more about YOU.

Organizational silence really exists in many forms, so Choose Who You Want To Be Known As.  Enjoy your week.

Jo Ann M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent 04/16/12

* Hefferman, Margaret. July 5, 2011. “A Corporate Epidemic: See No Evil, Hear No Evil Workers.” http://www.bnet.com/blog Retrieved July 21, 2011.