When it Works. . .


Here’s a simple but powerful rule.  Always give people more than what they expect to get.  Nelson Boswell

The holiday is over and we’re back to work today.  When It Works is all about a daily success we strive for with other people — customer service.  Our own career management tells us we know when we’re pleased with good service and when we are not.  We know when the service between team members, other departments and the customers who buy a product or service from our company is happily received.  It’s a work in progress to support the service and we continue to find ways to refine the process.

I saw a creative crossword by an Anonymous author and would like to share it with you:


What type of bond, or link does the customer have with the company when we act with conviction?

How do we show our strength or ability so that our customer believes we are trustworthy?

Why does the customer leave the conversation feeling satisfied

What did we say to the customer so that they feel and know it was a good decision to buy our product, hence the customer becomes loyal?

How did we keep the goodwill reputation of the company by demonstrating our commitment to keeping the customer delighted with our service?

As you Choose Who You Want to be Known As this week, may all your actions show others WHEN IT WORKS.  Enjoy your week.

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach and Change Agent

Notes:  http://dictionary.reference.com

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