A July for YOU!


You can’t stop the future,

You can’t stop the past,

The only way to learn the secret, is to press play. Jay Asher

This past weekend I witnessed a bag full of changes and is the reason I entitled this blog, A July for YOU!  The changes I saw involved me personally, changes in the environment, changes in personalities of people, changes of viewpoints and change in progress, by groups to reach for sustainability, courage and empowerment.

Stephen Chbosky offers that: “Things change. And friends Leave.  Life doesn’t stop for anybody.”

If you choose to press “play” this month, what change do you see ahead of you and why do you want it?  It may be helpful to look at another  Johari Window.  The author is Anonymous.  Here it is:


Clarity – Why do you want this change?   What will your life be like when you accept why you want this change?  What resources do you need to move the change forward?

Relationships – How will the timeline affect you and others in your life, whether at work or at home?  How can you increase your awareness of how your change may impact the lives of those around you?  What can you do to enable “buy-in” if you encounter resistance for this planned change?

CommitmentsWhat is the new priority for the change – yourself, the team, your family?   How will you share  to others that this commitment is real and very important?  What adjustments need to be made to see the commitment through to fruition?

Mindset – Understanding why, accepting it, paying attention to those around you, wanting and deciding to be committed, recognizing the inevitable roadblocks, how energetically focused are you to press play?  Should your answer be “Yes,” go for it and have A July for YOU!

Whatever you plan to do this month, Choose Who You Want To Be Known As.  Have a great week.

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach and Change Agent

Note: The above pictures are courtesy of http://www.BING.com/Images

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