Monday is here…

It’s the beginning of April on this chilly and sunny morning in the Midwest. I’m hoping all of the items on my checklist for today get crossed off.  There is only one meeting this afternoon and all things being equal, I feel everything can get done.   Perhaps I should say I know it will.  Maybe it’s more correct to say my intuition is telling me I will do so this Monday morning.

Feeling, knowing, having intuition. . .  these are coaching concepts that lead us to explore how we manage ourselves daily.

  • FEELING, an emotional process,
  • KNOWING, a positive action, and
  • INTUITION, a belief so strong it leads to confidence.

What can you do in your career today that will enable you to work through the intuition you may have that:

  • “I have a difficult day ahead of me because……………………………”.
  • “My day should be easier because………………………………………..”.
  • “I feel there’s too much on my plate today so I’ll just do what I can.”

WHAT CAN YOU DO because you know WHY YOU WANT TO because you know HOW TO is a step forward on any given Monday.  As you Choose Who You Want to be Known as this week, have a great Monday.

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach and Change Agent

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