Pushing, Pushed, Push


Pushing, Pushed, Push sometimes is very helpful to try out a new option, opportunity or idea you or your company may have.  Forum groups have been part of mainstream America for well over 25 years.  We want to know how a concept will be received. We want to know first impressions.  We want to receive “intellectually honest” commentary we can learn from.  We want to know whether the targeted audience got the message we worked to deliver; and if not, what did they understand.  We want to know whether the risk we took should continue on.

Idioms on this subject are also part of mainstream America (http://www.freedictionary.com/idioms) as in:

Pushing the envelope.”   “Pushing one’s luck.”

Just  push yourself a little harder. He pushed to the finish line.

“When push comes to shove.”

Over the past week, I’ve witnessed quite a few people who put their first foot forward without thinking of themselves to provide a service.  When this type of service is automatic, everyone leaves the situation feeling great.  Whatever career path you are  involved in, consider how you may be Pushing, or have just Pushed a situation forward to Push on.  Enjoy your first full week of September!

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach and Change Agent.

Note:  September 21, 2013 Global Peace Day

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