Why Didn’t You?????


International Coaching Week provides an opportunity for us to consider, whether professionally or personally, unrealized goals we haven’t made time for.  Why didn’t you? is a question we’ve all heard.  Depending on how the question was asked, i.e., what was the tone and inflection of the voice, judgment may underlie the question, Why didn’t you.

You won’t hear this question from a professional coach.  Here’s why.  There is no right or wrong answer because in our global community of different cultures, an initial responses may be, “I don’t know.”  “I’m not comfortable telling you.”  “I’m not in a position to answer the question now.”    And a usual response is to answer a question with a question — “What do you want from me?”

During the professional coaching session, judgment is left at the door. Judgment has no place in the coaching partnership.  It’s always about the client and the client’s empowerment to reach his or her goal.  A pre-requisite of professional coaching is the client’s ability to set and reach goals.  The time to attain you goal will vary.

Instead of the question, “Why didn’t you “, a non-judgmental preliminary coaching session might have a few questions such as, How often did you wish you could achieve your unrealized goal?   Why is it important to you now?  How will your life be different for you after achieving the unrealized goal?   Creating a comfortable, non-judgmental and mindful coaching environment is what Coaches do.

Here’s a free trivia quiz.  How Do You Put Your Entire Body Through a Business Card?  The answer is:  http://businessballs.com/businessballspuzzlesanswers.htm#business-card-trick.  Have a great balance of the week as you Choose Who You Want to be Known As.

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coaching and Change Agent.

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