“History’s Values in Today’s Workplace”


Earlier this afternoon, I published this post on the social media platform, LinkedIn – Enjoy your career week!:

“During this past weekend, I visited the Prairie Avenue Historic District of Chicago.  I joined other Alumni for a tour of the Glessner House (1871) http://www.GlessnerHouse.org.   It’s always enjoyable to learn and understand how our history impacts our current standard of living, whether from an architectural, esthetic or safety perspective.  All of these perspectives, and more, add to our well-being at our place of work.

During the tour I noticed a poem that was written by the co-owner of Glessner House, Mrs. Frances Glessner.  It was written two years after the Glessner family moved to Prairie Street – 1873.  It speaks to the current values many of us practice in corporate offices: Mindfulness, coaching, emotional intelligence (E I).  It reads as follows:

“To live content with small means;           Coaching

To seek elegance rather than luxury,        Mindfulness

And refinement rather than fashion;          E I

To be worthy, not respectable, and            Coaching

Wealthy, not rich; to study hard,                Coaching

Think quietly, talk gently,                            E I

And frankly;                                                    E I

And sages with open heart;                       Coaching, Mindfulness

To bear all cheerfully, do all bravely,         E I

Await occasion; hurry never;                        E I

In a word, to let spiritual,                        E I, Coaching, Mindfulness

Unbidden and unconscious                   E I, Coaching, Mindfulness

Grow up through the common.”            E I, Coaching, Mindfulness

If Mrs. Glessner lived among us today, she would be described as a Leader, Collaborator, Start-Up/Organizer and Founder of a number of philanthropic societies.  Mr. Glessner was also a stellar Servant Leader.  Not only was he an Inventor, he and his partners merged into a company that would later become International Harvester.  http://www.GlessnerHouse.org/Glessners.htm.  As you are beginning this new week in your career, Choose Who You Want to be known As — whether someone who has been Coached, practices Mindfulness and/or Emotional Intelligence.  Have a great week!”

“Jo Ann” M. Radja, Career Management Coach & Change Agent  Careermanagementcoaching.me      @Coach_Jo_Ann




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